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wash care tips

Dry Cleaning Wash Care Symbol Explained

22nd May 2017   /    blogs , dry cleaning , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

Wash Care Symbols for Dry Cleaning

Are you confused by clothes manufacturers care labels on your clothing? Do these cleaning instructions really keep clothes looking their best? At Butlerz we have put together a handy guide so that you can see, at a glance, what the dry cleaning care symbol looks like and when a garment should be dry cleaned. This is because some clothes must be dry cleaned, so, even if you suspect the label is being over cautious, it’s best to follow the care labels instructions.

To avoid ruining your favourite piece of clothing read on!

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Butlerz Door-to-Door Dry Cleaning Services for Farnham

21st April 2017   /    blogs   /    no comments
Castle Street in Farnham - See Butlerz' Dry Cleaning Services in Farnham, Surrey

Colin Smith [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Butlerz have been providing a popular dry cleaning, laundry and specialist dry cleaning services covering a wide area across the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Within that area sits the lovely market town of Farnham. Recently acquiring new business in Farnham providing dry cleaning services for a large retirement home, by popular demand Butlerz are now making it services more available for this town’s inhabitants.

The services include our very popular free pick-up and delivery services for dry cleaning, laundry, wedding dress, prom dress and suede and leather cleaning services plus our specialist services for wax jacket cleaning and re-proofing, plus our expert on-site cleaning services for curtains, upholstery and carpets.

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Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

15th March 2017   /    blogs , dry cleaning , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

We are already in March and that means the beginning of the Spring and Summer seasons! That also means there will be those happy customers out there who will have been planning to have their spring and summer weddings and who will be celebrating their occasion in style. We know this because at Butlerz we start to see the increase in requests for our Wedding Dress and Specialist Cleaning Services.

If you are going to want your wedding dress expertly cleaned after your special day then read on!

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Specialist cleaning services

Specialist Cleaning Services ~ Looking Forward to Spring 2017

16th February 2017   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

At Butlerz we are getting ready for Spring 2017 as soon lots of our customers will be arranging for their homes to be spring cleaned, as well as the usual laundry requirements!

Butlerz is your one stop shop where we carry out specialised cleaning services with regards to home carpet cleaning, rug cleaning such as Persian Rugs or Cashmere Rugs, upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning.

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Butlerz wax and suede dry cleaning

A Guide to Suede and Wax Reproofing and Cleaning

19th January 2017   /    blogs , dry cleaning , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

A Guide to Suede and Wax Reproofing and Cleaning

Butlerz offer premier dry cleaning services. Our company ethos is to look after our customers by providing a great door-to-door service and offering our customers the full range of dry cleaning services for the busy home.

One of these services is our very popular wax and suede cleaning and re-proofing service. We clean all wax and suede clothing but its the wax and suede jackets that we clean the most. This is because these are for outdoor wear and an item that should last for years,  however,  they will naturally get dirty from regular use and from winter weather conditions.

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Butlerz Dry Cleaning have launched a new website

We Have A Surprise For Our Customers: Check Out Our New Website!

28th October 2016   /    blogs   /    no comments

We have exciting news for our customers! We have just launched our brand new website, complete with easy to use features and navigation so that our customers can find exactly what they’re looking for without wasting time.

In just a month, Innovation Visual’s development team have managed to bring together this no-too-shabby new website for us – check it out for yourself!

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Dark Colour Waxed Jacket

Cleaning For Your Wax Jacket

30th September 2016   /    blogs , news , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

As summer gives way to autumn, it’s the time of the year when outdoor enthusiasts retrieve their wax jackets from storage for winter use. Oh what horror! After languishing forgotten in a garage or cellar your jacket has become rather musty and grubby. Surely it’s beyond redemption? It’s a common question Butlerz gets asked. After all, anyone with a beloved wax jacket assumes little can be done to return it to its former glory, a jacket that has served them well for many years. But that is not true!

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