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We Have A Surprise For Our Customers: Check Out Our New Website!

Butlerz Dry Cleaning have launched a new website

We Have A Surprise For Our Customers: Check Out Our New Website!

28th October 2016   /    blogs   /    Comments Off on We Have A Surprise For Our Customers: Check Out Our New Website!

We have exciting news for our customers! We have just launched our brand new website, complete with easy to use features and navigation so that our customers can find exactly what they’re looking for without wasting time.

In just a month, Innovation Visual’s development team have managed to bring together this no-too-shabby new website for us – check it out for yourself!

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Dark Colour Waxed Jacket

Cleaning For Your Wax Jacket

30th September 2016   /    blogs , news , specialist cleaning   /    Comments Off on Cleaning For Your Wax Jacket

As summer gives way to autumn, it’s the time of the year when outdoor enthusiasts retrieve their wax jackets from storage for winter use. Oh what horror! After languishing forgotten in a garage or cellar your jacket has become rather musty and grubby. Surely it’s beyond redemption? It’s a common question Butlerz gets asked. After all, anyone with a beloved wax jacket assumes little can be done to return it to its former glory, a jacket that has served them well for many years. But that is not true!

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Man Eating Doughnut

The Top 5 worst clothing stains (and how to remove them!)

30th June 2016   /    blogs   /    Comments Off on The Top 5 worst clothing stains (and how to remove them!)

Are you clumsy? Do you have a knack for getting something on virtually every piece of clothing you own? Whether it’s something you’re trying to put into your mouth or just putting on too much deodorant in a hurry, it’s always something. Over the years, we’ve learned that people are prone to accidents, such as covering themselves in Coca Cola, which could slowly eat away at your brand new outfit; but just because you haven’t restocked your supply of stain remover, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a stain-fighting champion!

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Old Analog Desk Clock

Survey Results – Your free time and where it’s spent

22nd April 2016   /    blogs , dry cleaning , ironing , laundry   /    Comments Off on Survey Results – Your free time and where it’s spent

Here at Butlerz, we wanted to understand how much free time you have and what you would do if you had more. So we decided to ask the people of Haslemere and others within the surrounding county of Surrey.

What were the results of the survey?

First, the bad news, 62% of respondents only have up to 1.5 hours of free time per day, worst yet, 9% have less than 15 minutes per day.

Where did all this time go? Well, believe it or not,
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Christmas Wine Spill

Christmas Spills

11th December 2015   /    blogs , dry cleaning , laundry , specialist cleaning   /    Comments Off on Christmas Spills

What should you do when food or wine goes flying only to land on your dry clean only clothes?

If you can’t fit the dry cleaners in for a few days your clothes should be ok. However the longer a stain is left the more it will set as it oxidizes. When you cut an apple open, the white of the apple turns brown as the sugar reacts to the oxygen, known as oxidizing. The same happens if sugar liquid (clear soda, juice, or white wine) spills on your clothes. It dries clear, only to turn brown after a couple months. Once this happens it will be very difficult to remove, if not impossible. Oil stains such body oil and grease can also oxidize and they are even more difficult to remove than oxidized sugar stains.

Specific Tips:

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laundry handing on washing line

Finding a Good Dry Cleaner

29th October 2015   /    blogs , dry cleaning , news   /    Comments Off on Finding a Good Dry Cleaner

5 tips you need to know when finding a dry cleaner

Many people don’t really give much thought to the things worth considering when looking for a dry cleaner. Often it’s the shop nearest them on the way home, or the one with cheapest rates that gets chosen. I can understand this, our clothes need cleaning, we have many demands on our time and isn’t one dry cleaner as good another?

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Washing Machines In Laundromat

Is 30 Still Dirty?

3rd September 2015   /    blogs , laundry , news   /    Comments Off on Is 30 Still Dirty?

There isn’t a better smell in the world, according to a Bupa survey of Britons, than a freshly made bed. It’s understandable that when something smells so soothing, soft and fresh that we also believe it is clean – but that might not necessarily be the case.

We’ve long been advised to switch our household washing machines down to 30° saving energy and helping the environment. For the most part, 30° is more than enough to freshen up our clothes and bedding, leaving them with a delicious smell to boot.

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