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Spring Cleaning – Our Top Tips

Lady spring cleaning her duvet

Spring Cleaning – Our Top Tips

13th February 2020   /    blogs   /    no comments

Spring Cleaning – Clean your Home and your Clothes

After a long winter indoors, Spring is nearly here. I’m sure you will agree that the season offers the perfect chance for you to spring clean your home to get rid of any dust and mess that may have built up during the Winter period.

Spring cleaning is a popular tradition that helps promote health and wellness through making sure your home is organized and clean whilst invigorates the idea of a fresh start now the days are becoming brighter and longer. Not only this, the Spring and Summer can play havoc for allergy sufferers so it’s important that dust and allergens are minimised in your household to keep symptoms at bay!

There may be parts of the house you have neglected during Winter however our top Spring-cleaning tips can help you freshen up your home for Spring and Summer.

Tackle your Winter Wardrobe

Although we do live in the UK, the days do still become warmer in Spring which means it’s time to put away the winter clothes for a few months at least. But before you stash them away in a bin bag, it’s always a good idea to ensure they are properly cleaned beforehand.

This ensures bitter smells don’t linger and will keep your clothes in good condition until you have to wear them again. Moreover, thick woollen jumpers, hats and scarfs can harbour bacteria and dust. If you or a family member suffer from hay-fever you want to make sure this is kept to a minimum so symptoms are not heightened when indoors.

Spring is the ideal time to deep clean your winter clothes as chances are they won’t get worn for another year (or 6 months at least).

Winter clothes can be more challenging to clean than regular clothes so it’s recommended that you use a professional dry cleaning service.

Curtain Cleaning and Care

It can sometimes be easy to forget about your curtains and the fact they also need cleaning! Over time, dirt and dust can be absorbed within curtains affecting the texture, colour and the overall quality. No-one wants drab curtains in their home! Cleaning your curtains is one way to ensure your home looks fresh for Spring and through the Summer.
Effective curtain cleaning will restore the colour, remove any foul odours and dust properly.

Cleaning curtains properly can take considerable effort and it can sometimes be difficult to know whether to hand wash, steam clean or machine wash your curtains depending on the material they are made from.

It’s always best to seek expert advice from professionals when it comes to cleaning your curtains to prevent any damage. Butlerz have years of experience providing high-quality curtain and blind cleaning to customers and will ensure your curtains look beautifully clean every time.

It’s time to clean your carpet

After the Winter period, your carpet has probably been through a lot. From the kids walking inside with muddy shoes on to family parties with accidental wine spillages your carpet is probably ready to be properly cleaned. Cleaning your carpet will bring it back to life restoring its quality, freshen it up and get rid of any dust and dirt embedded in it.

Although there are ways to remove carpet stains at home yourself, if you want the whole carpet cleaning you’ll need to find a professional carpet cleaning service to ensure it is revived!

Wash your winter duvet in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to wash your winter duvet; chances are you’re not going to use it! Washing your duvet will remove dust mites and sweat before you store it away for another year. If you are planning to use the same duvet it’s still a good idea to wash it as removing allergens within the duvet can help you sleep more easily at night.

Washing your duvet can be tricky when trying to squish it into a small washing machine. Stuffing it in will not wash the duvet correctly and thoroughly so it’s always best to seek help from your local dry cleaners.

Butlerz can help by providing a door-to-door laundry service in Surrey and Hampshire so you don’t have to worry about washing your own duvet. You can leave the hard work to us!

Let Butlerz help you Spring clean your home

Butlerz offer a wide range of dry-cleaning services and specialist cleaning services that include carpet cleaning and curtain cleaning so we can help you with your Spring cleaning.

We can also make life that bit easier for you and save you time with our collection and delivery service that covers areas in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

If you would like more information on any of services contact us by calling us on 01428 713026 or use the enquiry form on our website.


The 12 Stains of Christmas (And How to Get Rid)

5th December 2019   /    dry cleaning , Uncategorised   /    no comments

Christmas – the season of joy, happiness and celebrations! Celebrations may mean you encounter pesky stains in your home and on your clothes! We countdown the 12 most common stains of Christmas and how you can get rid of them!

How to Clean the 12 Stains of Christmas

1. Christmas tree sap

Whether your Christmas tree goes up on the 1st December or the day before Christmas, tree sap call cause carpet stains! To clean up tree sap stains, a small amount of dishwashing detergent rubbed into the sap should do the trick! Rub the detergent until there’s no sign of sap or detergent left on the carpet! Leave to air dry.

2. Red Wine

Would it be Christmas without a glass of red wine? While you or your Aunt may be merry, one too many can be a nightmare on your favourite cream blouse or your expensive cream carpets! Get rid of red wine stains by sprinkling the affected area with salt which absorbs the wine then blot with a boiling hot cloth – do not rub!

3. Chocolate Stains

From chocolate in advent calendars to post Christmas dinner treats, most people enjoy Chocolate during the festive period. However, chocolate stains can be notoriously difficult to clean off of table linen, sofas or carpets! To remove the chocolate, the chocolate should be frozen so you can scrape the chocolate off more easily! Do this by rubbing an ice cube on the stain and then use a butter knife to scrape off when ready! After this, use a bit of warm water to rinse the area completely.

4. Candle Wax

Candles in the home are common at this time of year but more candles can mean candle wax drippings on surfaces! In the same way as removing chocolate stains, rub an ice cube into the candle wax stain and once hardened, use a butter knife to remove the wax remnants.  Following this, rub the stain with alcohol and soap to treat the table linen or carpet.

5. Ink

Busy writing all those Christmas cards and not realised you have caused an ink stain on your table cloth? Get rid of ink stains by spraying with hairspray and dabbing the affected area!

6. Diary

Christmas and cheese go hand in hand but accidents may occur! To remove dairy stains, blot the area with cold water but be patient as it may take a while for stains to get rid of stains completely! A small amount of detergent can also be worked into the fabric then wash the fabric as normal in your washing machine.

7. Food drippings / grease

From turkey drippings to fat from roast potatoes and parsnips, grease can drip on to clothes and table linen! The magic solution is alcohol and warm water. Rub the stain with alcohol and warm water. Let the fabric absorb the solution for about 15 minutes then rub a small amount of soap into the stain. Following this, wash your linen or top in the washing machine as normal.

8. Blood

Sometimes accidents can happen in the kitchen when using those sharp carving knives! Blood can easily find its way on to clothes or other fabrics. Blood can be easy to remove by dabbing a little soap and cold water on to the area!

9. Coffee

Need a pick me up during the madness of Christmas? You are likely to be reaching for a hot cup of coffee whenever possible! Coffee stains can be nasty however you an get rid of them easily with some soda! Add a small amount of soda onto the stain and blot the stain until it disappears!

10. Mud

Boxing day walk or kids playing outside in the garden? Mud can easily find its way inside the house especially as British weather can be so unpredictable. To remove mud stains from carpet, mix a small amount of detergent with warm water and sponge the stain with the solution.

11. Pet Accidents

Your dog or cat got a bit excited in this season’s festivities? If an accident has happened on your clothes, add a box of baking soda to your regular washing powder and pop the soiled item in the machine then air-dry. Accident on the carpets? A decent carpet cleaner or carpet stain remover may be required. Alternatively talk to Butlerz about our professional carpet cleaning service to save you the hassle!

12. Lipstick

Dressing up for party season or kissing someone under the Mistletoe at New Years? Sometimes lipstick can find its way on to surfaces unexpectedly during the celebrations. Remove lipstick in the same way as you would clean up candle wax by rubbing an ice cube on the affected area to freeze the lipstick then remove by scraping with a knife! Wash the fabric as normal in the washing machine and let it air dry after this.

dry cleaning 12 stains of christmas

Still Struggling to clean the 12 stains of Christmas?

Contact Butlerz for Specialist Dry Cleaning Services

For stains to effectively be removed it’s best to tackle them as quickly as possible however during the busy festive period, this may be challenging or some stains may simply be stubborn! If this is the case, Butlerz can help. From specialist carpet cleaning to table and bed linen dry-cleaning services, we have the right solutions for your specific needs!

Leave Butlerz to tackle the tough stains, so you can relax during the holiday season! Contact Butlerz if you would like to use our professional dry cleaning services this Christmas or find out about dry cleaning collection and delivery service.

haslemere town centre

Reliable Dry Cleaning Services in Haslemere from Butlerz

20th December 2018   /    blogs , dry cleaning   /    no comments

Butlerz Dry Cleaners offer a range of services including dry cleaning, laundry services that includes both a shirt service and bed and table linen service covering the areas of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

In the area of Surrey sits quaint Haslemere, the most Southernly location in Surrey with good transport links to both Portsmouth and London via the A3. There is a growing need to offer a selection of dry-cleaning services in Haslemere to accommodate for the residents of this thriving town. continue reading

Wax Jackets

How To Clean Your Wax Jacket

12th December 2018   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

Wax jackets are great for all outdoor activities and can last for years and years providing they are cared for in the right way. In this blog, Butlerz will be offering our top tips on how to clean your wax jacket effectively to make sure it carries on protecting you from the elements.

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bed linen

Winter Cleaning – Taking Care of your Bed and Table Linen

5th December 2018   /    blogs , dry cleaning , laundry   /    no comments

Holiday season is upon us. For a lot of us that means hosting dinner parties or having friends and relatives coming to stay. You want to make the best impression for your guests and that starts with taking care of your bed and table linen. Similarly, once your guests have walked out the door, you want to be able to clean any stains off the table linen and ensure your bed linen is washed, smelling fresh and looking immaculate. Here are our top tips for taking care of your bed and table linen.

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Caring for your Leather Garments

3rd October 2018   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

Have you got a lovely leather jacket stored in the back of your wardrobe, damaged from a day out in the rain? Or perhaps it has a stain which you’re not sure how best to go about removing.

Unlike your standard items of clothing, caring for your leather garments can be slightly more difficult and special care must be taken to ensure that your garment remains in top condition and is not damaged long term by water, spills and/or stains.

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Curtains in the sunlight

The Importance of Curtain Cleaning

31st August 2018   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

Curtains and blinds are an essential part of the furnishings in your home. If you have ever slept in a room without curtains and have been woken up prematurely by the light, then you will know just how important they are! You would not want to be without curtains, but the importance of cleaning them is often overlooked.

There are a number of reasons why you should make sure that you clean your curtains to protect them and keep them looking their best for years to come. continue reading


What is the Dry Cleaning Process?

5th December 2017   /    blogs , dry cleaning   /    no comments

With the party-spills season upon us you may unfortunately find yourself with a wine or sugary drink stain on your clothing that needs to be cleaned without delay. Dry cleaning is a popular cleaning method used to remove tough stains, but do you know how the dry cleaning process actually works?

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Dry Cleaning Winter Clothes

13th October 2017   /    blogs , dry cleaning   /    no comments

Cold, wet weather means that you will be wearing warm, thick clothes, which can be difficult to wash in an ordinary washing machine. It also isn’t easy to dry clothes during the winter months. Your washing line is going to be out of bounds with the unpredictable UK weather and a tumble dryer is not very effective with large items, which are prone to fill the drum and reduce the effectiveness of the machine. The tumble dryer can also shrink clothes.

Let’s take a look at why dry cleaning can help alleviate the issues associated with cleaning your winter clothes and even your winter duvet.

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beach swimsuit

Caring For Your Swimsuit – Top Tips From Butlerz, The Dry Cleaning Experts

26th July 2017   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

I’m sure you’ll agree that essential items for any woman jetting off on a beach holiday include your best swimsuits and bikinis. There’s certainly no shortage of sumptuous swimwear for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a one, two or even three-piece swimsuit you’ll be spoilt for choice in today’s swimwear market. However, whilst design, quality and fit are all undoubtedly important, something that is often overlooked, despite being of no less importance, is looking after your chosen garments to ensure they look good for many more holidays to come.

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