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Caring for Your Wax Jacket

How to Care for Your Wax Jacket

A wax jacket can provide the perfect protection for outdoor activities. If cared for properly, then wax jackets can last for years and years. It is recommended to have your wax jacket professionally cleaned at least once a year, depending on how frequently you wear it.

Never wash your jacket in the washing machine – unless you want to permanently damage the jacket and washing machine!Wax Jacket

In between professional cleans there are a number of ways you can care for your wax jacket to ensure that it continues to effectively protect you from the elements.

Cleaning Your Wax Jacket

Cleaning your wax jacket on a regular basis will prevent premature wear and improve the appearance of the jacket. Failure to clean your wax jacket can lead to the build-up of dirt and dust, which can lead to permanent stains.

There are a number of steps you can take to keep your jacket looking its best and reduce any risk of damage to the garment.

Simple Wax Jacket Care Steps


 Step 1 – Remove Dirt

After a muddy outdoor exertion, it is important to remove dried mud, sand and grit from the jacket using a soft brush. Pay close attention to the inner sleeve seams, as this area is most likely to become damaged.


Step 2 – Sponge

To clean your wax jacket, use a damp sponge that has been soaked in cold water. Do NOT use hot water or cleaning chemicals, as this can lead to causing permanent damage. If the dirt has become particularly ground into the jacket, then brush it off using a brush with soft bristles. wipe with cold water only.


Step 3 – Dry Naturally

To dry the jacket, hang it at room temperature for at least 24 hours in a dry, well-ventilated area. It is important to make sure that the jacket is completely dry before it is stored.


Step 4 – Avoid UV Exposure

When drying your jacket, make sure it is not being exposed to UV light, as this can lead to fading.


Step 5 – Re-waxing

Wax jackets can dry out due to continuous exposure to the elements. This can lead to an uneven shine or dry areas appearing where moisture no longer beads. If you notice this, it is an indication that your jacket needs re-waxing and re-proofing. If your jacket starts to smell, then this is another indicator that this needs doing.


Professional Wax Jacket Cleaning & Reproofing

Butlerz recommend having your wax jacket professionally cleaned at least once a year to get the most from your garment. At Butlerz, we offer an expert wax jacket cleaning and reproofing service for a number of brands including Barbour®, Schoffel® and Outback®.

Please feel free to contact the Butlerz team to find out more about caring for your wax jacket or to book a professional clean.