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Suede & Leather Cleaning

Local & Postal Suede & Leather Cleaning

Suede and leather can be fabulous items of clothing, they not only look good but are very hard wearing and practical. With careful handling and by having your items cleaned and restored by professional cleaners such as Butlerz then they can look their best for years.

Customer Tips for Suede and Leather Care

Expert Treatment for Suede and Leather

How to Look after Suede and Leather Materials

To keep your garment looking its best try to avoid stains from spills and body oil onto the collar. To maintain an items shape it is best to store hanging items using wide wooden or padded hangers, to fill empty handbags with newspaper and to use shoetrees for shoes. Should your leather or suede item get wet allow it to dry naturally before putting it away because this will avoid mildew which can ruin a pristine item. To store your items a cotton garment cover is the best method for storage because suede and leather are natural animal skins which need to breathe. Avoid using plastic because the acid in the plastic can over time remove the colour from the garment and lost colour restoration is very difficult. Above all if any staining occurs, in particular from blood or bacteria type spills then it is advisable to take your suede and leather items to a reputable cleaners such as Butlerz as soon as possible. By having the items cleaned early, you can prevent permanent damage by stopping the bacteria feeding off the natural skin and damaging the material.

Butlerz Expertise for Suede and Leather Cleaning

Our specialists staff have been trained to clean and remove stains to the highest standards. Our team clean and treat suede and leather in order to restore colour, suppleness, oils and nap including items such as gloves and handbags, jackets, coats, hats, suits, trousers, skirts, sheepskin boots and even rugs for the home. If you have any suede or leather item for cleaning then you can talk to us today with confidence that your items will be expertly handled by our dedicated team of professionals. If your item has existing damage then call a member of our highly experienced team today to discuss the restoration options that are available to you.

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Suede and Leather Cleaning Services

Door to Door Leather & Suede Cleaning Service in Surrey

Butlerz offer a very customer focused service. We offer door to door leather cleaning in Surrey. From Haslemere to Guildford to Godalming, we can come straight to your home or office to pick up your items, take away for cleaning and bring again in a scheduled and timely manner. 

View our full leather cleaning collection and delivery schedule and areas we cover. 

Butlerz Postal Service for Suede and Leather Cleaning

If you don’t live within our free collection area, don’t worry because we also offer customers a comprehensive national postal service for suede and leather cleaning. Simply send us your item using the downloadable address label and we will take care of the rest. After cleaning we will return it safely and securely to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery*. What’s more, the cost of the return postage is included in our service by post

Contact Butlerz for Suede and Leather Cleaning

  • For suede and leather cleaning services click here for service by post
  • For information call us on 01428 713026 or 07866443116 or:
  • Click here to contact us via email for Suede and Leather Cleaning Services and a member of our team will be prompt in getting back to you.

Our team of specialist cleaners also provide a cleaning service for wax jackets and a service for suit cleaning service.

View our leather, suede and delicate items cleaning T&Cs.

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