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Suede Care Tips

Suede Care Tips

Suede is very difficult to clean and the following tips should enable you to keep your Suede garments looking their best.

To help prevent suede from staining we advise that you use a protector spray twice yearly.

Always store suede free from plastic wrappings. Acid in the plastic will eventually remove colour from the garment, which is very difficult to restore.

Spillages of egg, milk or blood contain bacteria which if left will feed on the skin causing permanent damage. Always treat spillages as soon as possible.

Should your suede get wet, always let it dry naturally; drying on a radiator may leave water marks.

Try to store suede in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid damp and humid places such as basements and lofts. Also avoid strong sunlight such as near a window, this will allow the skin to deteriorate.

If you have a light colour suede we advise that you have it cleaned before it gets very dirty. Accumulated dirt may make it impossible to restore the colour.