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Dry Cleaning Care Tips

Dry Cleaning Care Tips

We recommend that you have your clothes Dry Cleaned regularly to protect them from moths, which love dirty clothes. The chemicals used in the Dry Cleaning process will help deter adult moths from laying their larvae.

Store your clothes out of season in cloth bags, and use moth repellent in your wardrobe or drawers.

Always unwrap your clothes from the dry cleaners polyrobe before storing them, to help prevent condensation accumulating.

Store your clothes in a dark place; UV rays damage fabric dyes.

Try not to keep too many garments in your cupboards, this will help protect from them creasing and enable them to breathe.

Rotating clothes between seasons helps prevent clothes from creasing, and allows you the opportunity of cleaning them at the end of each season.

Accumulation of dirt and grit in the fabric of clothes causes a lot of wear and tear. Regular brushing will do much to prolong the life of your clothes.

Empty pockets before you put your clothes away, and hang on a solid and shaped hanger. This will help protect the shape of the garment from distortion.

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