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Curtain Care Tips

Curtain Care Tips

Taking care of your curtains

To prolong the life of your curtains we recommend dry cleaning every two years to remove accumalated dust, dirt and allergens. Infrequent cleaning leaves the dust and allergens set into the fabric making the removal of these rather difficult, and can damage the fabric over time. UV light damages fabric dyes

The movement of curtains when dry cleaned can exaggerate weaknesses in your curtains. Sun damaged linings can tear and sun damaged colours can lighten. Frayed edges can fray further.

Some curtains can shrink slightly when dry cleaned, paticularly on first clean. However in our experience this is rare

Curtains with water damage are unlikely to restore like new when dry cleaned. Water marks are usually ringed and set over time and are not normally possible to remove.

Black out linings made from rubber can only be accepted at owners risk. There’s a risk of the rubberised part de-laminating, and only be specialist cleaned with lower temperatures.

Regular and thorough vacuum cleaning of your curtains every month will help reduce the accumalation of dust.

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