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Laundry & Cleaning Tips

As experts, we aim to give you the best quality service we possibly can. Here you can find some of our helpful tips in order to take care of your crumpled clothes and delicate materials.


Some of our top tips for laundry care include: never leaving your clothes in the tumble dryer until crisp, finding the correct hanger size and not leaving your freshly washed clothes in the kitchen! To find out more on how you can do your laundry properly, take a look at our Laundry tips page and start taking care of your clean clothes.

Dry Cleaning Care Tips

There’s more to just unpacking your clothes after collecting them from the dry cleaners,

find out more on how taking care of your dry-cleaned clothes can prevent them from fading, distorting and attracting moths with our dry-cleaning tips.

History of Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning process has been around for hundreds of years but it wasn’t until the late 1850’s until the UK adopted the method. Take a look at our History of Cry Cleaning page to find out more.

Curtain Care Tips

We focus on getting you the most out of your curtains and recommend getting your curtains dry cleaned every 2 years. Butlerz offers to do all of the work, on top of giving free estimates and free collection & delivery. Find out more on our Curtain Care tips page.

Wedding Dress Care Tips

At Butlerz we understand the stress of getting ready for your big day and so we offer the best cleaning and storage tips for both before and after your wedding. It’s best to get ahead whilst you can and preparing for the worst isn’t a bad idea. Let say you spill something on your dress on the big day, our tips and tricks can help equip you for the unexpected. Take a look at our handy little page on do’s and don’ts for wedding dress cleaning & storage.

Suede Care Tips

It’s best to avoid spilling anything on your suede but we know that accidents happen and that’s why we have put together a tips page to make your life easier and help you tackle cleaning, storing and maintaining your suede. To find out more, visit our suede care tips page.


We believe that we are the best at what we do and encourage you to seek professionals when it comes to dry cleaning and laundry. Our tips will be of use to you and guarantee to preserve your clothes and keep them looking their best all year round.