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Dark Colour Waxed Jacket

Cleaning For Your Wax Jacket

30th September 2016   /    blogs , news , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

As summer gives way to autumn, it’s the time of the year when outdoor enthusiasts retrieve their wax jackets from storage for winter use. Oh what horror! After languishing forgotten in a garage or cellar your jacket has become rather musty and grubby. Surely it’s beyond redemption? It’s a common question Butlerz gets asked. After all, anyone with a beloved wax jacket assumes little can be done to return it to its former glory, a jacket that has served them well for many years. But that is not true!

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laundry handing on washing line

Finding a Good Dry Cleaner

29th October 2015   /    blogs , dry cleaning , news   /    no comments

5 tips you need to know when finding a dry cleaner

Many people don’t really give much thought to the things worth considering when looking for a dry cleaner. Often it’s the shop nearest them on the way home, or the one with cheapest rates that gets chosen. I can understand this, our clothes need cleaning, we have many demands on our time and isn’t one dry cleaner as good another?

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Washing Machines In Laundromat

Is 30 Still Dirty?

3rd September 2015   /    blogs , laundry , news   /    no comments

There isn’t a better smell in the world, according to a Bupa survey of Britons, than a freshly made bed. It’s understandable that when something smells so soothing, soft and fresh that we also believe it is clean – but that might not necessarily be the case.

We’ve long been advised to switch our household washing machines down to 30° saving energy and helping the environment. For the most part, 30° is more than enough to freshen up our clothes and bedding, leaving them with a delicious smell to boot.

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Nigel Delivering Dry Cleaning To Customers

Delivering Dry Cleaning Daily!

20th July 2015   /    blogs , dry cleaning , ironing , laundry , news   /    no comments

One of things I enjoy most about running my own dry-cleaning and ironing business is the free collection and delivery service. It’s my opportunity to tour the local area and catch up with clients, many of whom are now friends and good associates. I get to enjoy some really stunning local scenery such as the Devil’s Punchbowl in Hindhead or the ponds at Frensham.

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