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Dry Cleaning Winter Clothes

13th October 2017   /    blogs , dry cleaning   /    no comments

Cold, wet weather means that you will be wearing warm, thick clothes, which can be difficult to wash in an ordinary washing machine. It also isn’t easy to dry clothes during the winter months. Your washing line is going to be out of bounds with the unpredictable UK weather and a tumble dryer is not very effective with large items, which are prone to fill the drum and reduce the effectiveness of the machine. The tumble dryer can also shrink clothes.

Let’s take a look at why dry cleaning can help alleviate the issues associated with cleaning your winter clothes and even your winter duvet.

Why Should You Dry Clean Your Winter Clothes?

Regular dry cleaning is beneficial for your winter clothes, as it removes grit, dirt, moisture and sweat, which can put stress on the fabrics if left for too long. If you have your winter clothes professionally dry cleaned regularly then they will last longer and prevent premature damage to the garment.

You should consider that thick clothing can fall prey to harmful bacteria and dust mites that thrive in the fabric if not cleaned properly. Failure to eradicate these issues could lead to health problems, especially if you suffer from asthma or hay fever.

Please bear in mind that you should aim to have large items, like winter coats, dry cleaned properly at least twice a year.

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Winter Duvet Dry Cleaning

Similar to thick winter clothes, your duvet provides the perfect habitat for dust mites and bacteria. You should be aiming to wash your duvet every 3 months. The question is, are you? If not, then you could end up suffering from health issues, which are avoided by having your duvet dry cleaned at least four times a year.

If your duvet contains feather or down filling then it will need to be dry cleaned. Placing it in the washing machine will lead to the down and feathers clumping together and they will not dry properly, which could in fact do more harm than good when it comes to removing harmful bacteria. You certainly don’t want your duvet to remain damp for an extended period of time!

In addition, a duvet is a large item, especially if you have a king-sized bed. Fitting a duvet in a washing machine can be a difficult process and if the machine’s drum is too full then it will not be able to clean your duvet effectively.

Dry cleaners have access to industrial machines that can make easy work of cleaning a duvet to a high standard, which isn’t achievable from washing it at home.

Drying Your Duvet

You should always air dry your duvet. Air drying allows a heavy winter duvet to dry properly and exposure to the sun helps kill harmful micro-organisms. The issue is that during the winter months it’s difficult to dry your duvet outside due to the constant threat of rain. Dry cleaning alleviates this issue, as the duvet will be cleaned and dried before being returned to you.

 Help is at hand!

Cleaning winter clothes can be a time-consuming process and they require special attention. Luckily, Butlerz are on hand to keep you warm this winter! Let us take the hassle away with our professional dry cleaning service.

We even offer a convenient, fast pick-up and delivery service, which saves you the time and hassle of making trips into town.

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