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Caring For Your Swimsuit – Top Tips From Butlerz, The Dry Cleaning Experts

26th July 2017   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

I’m sure you’ll agree that essential items for any woman jetting off on a beach holiday include your best swimsuits and bikinis. There’s certainly no shortage of sumptuous swimwear for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a one, two or even three-piece swimsuit you’ll be spoilt for choice in today’s swimwear market. However, whilst design, quality and fit are all undoubtedly important, something that is often overlooked, despite being of no less importance, is looking after your chosen garments to ensure they look good for many more holidays to come.

So before you jet off for some fun in the sun this year, take a few moments and learn some top tips courtesy of Butlerz dry cleaners in association with our friends at Amazing Grace one of the UK’s leading swimwear boutiques on the best ways to go about caring for your prized luxury swimwear.

Care For Your Swimwear

“Chlorine, sweat and minerals are aggressive enemies of fine elastane fibres,” says Emma Green, owner of Amazing Grace. “To prolong the life of your swimwear it’s vital to take proper care of it. After every use, handwash your swimsuit with a gentle detergent and rinse it clean. This treatment maintains the elasticity and wrinkle-free fit of your garment. You can even machine-wash it every once in a while, but only on a delicate cycle and in a lingerie bag.  One other thing to remember is not to spin-dry underwired models.”

The washing process is very important, but so is the drying. It’s almost considered a sin to leave quality swimwear lying around wet and crumpled or worse, in a plastic bag! Don’t do it! Elastane models are quick-drying and best air-dried in the shade. Direct sunlight or contact with a heater make the fibres brittle and so this is best avoided. And certainly never, ever tumble dry your beautiful swimwear!

washing your swimsuit

You need suncream – your swimwear doesn’t!

Another enemy of the delicate fibres of luxury swimwear is sunscreen. It’s important to avoid direct contact between lotion and swimsuit.  Ideally, use sunscreen before putting on your swimsuit and let your skin absorb the lotion for at least 20 minutes (as recommended by cosmetics experts). If you reapply the sunscreen on the beach, try to avoid direct contact with your garments as much as possible. Apart from possible stains, the cosmetics also affect the fibres and so it’s important to limit the contact between the two.

Swimsuits aren’t just for beaches

It’s not just on the beach that you need to look after your swimsuit. The popular whirlpool and massage jets found in many pools are also poison for your swimsuit. If used for a long time, the high water pressure affects the fibres and colours. They lose memory and resilience, as well as their perfect fit. Likewise, rough surfaces can cause abrasion damage, so always take care when opting for a spot of sunbathing on the rocks!

With a little attention to detail and proper care, your swimsuits and bikinis will keep their shape for many years to come and you’ll enjoy many fabulous holidays with your swimwear continuing to look as good as new.

Specialist Cleaning

If you have any garments that need special care and attention then why not leave it to the experts? Butlerz Dry Cleaners offer specialist cleaning for a number of items. If it’s difficult to clean and you’re not sure what to do don’t take into your own hands as you could damage the garment. Let the professionals take care of it and contact Butlerz today.

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