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cleaning your winter duvet

A Quick Guide To Washing Your Duvet

24th July 2017   /    blogs , laundry   /    no comments

Washing your duvet is very important! Summer is the best time to wash your winter duvet because you’re probably not using it. Find out how you should go about properly washing your duvet with the Butlerz guide!

How often should you wash your duvet?

Many people will choose to swap their duvets in the spring for a much lighter tog duvet and especially so in the extreme summer temperatures we have been experiencing this year!

So this is the time to get those winter duvets properly cleaned before storing it away in a cupboard for the next few do you wash your duvet

There are a number of benefits associated with regularly cleaning your duvet. It will help to remove dust-mites, sweat and dirt, that becomes entrenched within the fabric as a result of everyday use. They smell clean and fresh once cleaned and as a general rule you should be washing your duvet every three to four months. If you use a synthetic duvet and suffer from allergies then you may safely wash your duvet more often to help you breathe and sleep more easily.

Washing your duvet isn’t easy! It’s a bulky item and domestic washing machines are not designed to effectively clean something as large as a duvet. If the washing machine drum is crammed full then the items inside will not be cleaned properly. Butlerz door-to-door service can help you out! We will come to your door and pick up your duvet, saving you the hassle of taking your bulky duvet to the dry cleaners in town.

What about drying your duvet?

If you did choose to wash your duvet from home you need to consider the issue of drying it. Even putting a duvet in the tumble dryer will not guarantee that it’s dried out completely. There’s not a lot of space in domestic tumble dryers when you’ve put a duvet in there, and this means the hot air circulation is interrupted and the duvet won’t dry properly.

Butlerz have the facilities to deal with these large items for you and the expertise to professionally wash and dry duvets.

Most duvet manufacturers recommend professionally tumble-drying your duvet to make sure that they’re completely dry. From our experience at Butlerz, many people are reluctant to squeeze their double or king-sized duvet into their washing machines and would rather leave it to us the experts!

Visit the Butletz website or call Nigel today 07866 443116 to get your Duvet cleaned and also enjoy a free pick up and delivery service. See what areas we carry out our free pick up and delivery service in.

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