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Butlerz wax and suede dry cleaning

Wax and Suede Cleaning and Re-proofing

19th January 2017   /    blogs , dry cleaning , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

Wax and Suede Cleaning and Re-proofing

Butlerz are a premier dry cleaning services. Our company ethos is to look after our customers by providing a great door-to-door service and offering our customers the full range of dry cleaning services for the busy home.

One of these services is our very popular wax and suede cleaning and re-proofing service. We clean all wax and suede clothing but its the wax and suede jackets that we clean the most. This is because these are for outdoor wear and an item that should last for years,  however,  they will naturally get dirty from regular use and from winter weather conditions.

Wax Jacket Cleaning in Surrey srea

Wax Jacket Cleaning

We Clean and Re-Proof All Top Wax Jacket Brands
We are able to clean and re-proof all wax jackets brands including the iconic brand Barbour. The Barbour wax jacket is the cotton wax jacket made famous by its water-resistant outer layer made with a paraffin-based wax. Its style is very recognisable with its usual tartan lining and a corduroy or leather collar.

Waxed cotton jackets are doubly waterproofed because the outside is treated with the waterproof coating plus individual threads of the cloth are impregnated with wax before the bolt is woven. This is why these types of jackets are made to last and by having them cleaned and re-proofed with experienced dry cleaners such as Butlerz they can last you a life time.

We Clean and Re-Proof All Makes of Suede Brands
Suede leather is still made from leather but it is the underside of the animal skin primarily made from lamb, goat, calf or deer. When manufacturers make suede they usually take the grain out in one piece. They grind the surface of the skin side down using an emery wheel so that it features a consistent texture and thickness.

Suede, leather, cleaning

Suede and leather cleaning services

Because suede does not include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than standard full-grain leather. This treatment means that the fabric tends to be softer, thinner, and more pliable than standard leather. However, due to its texture and porous nature, the material is highly susceptible to wear and tear. But its a material that if looked after properly will maintain its shape and look like new so its worth looking after it.

Maintaining Your Suede and Wax Clothing
Maintaining suede appropriately no matter whether its shoes, gloves, coats will keep it in great shape, just as with normal leather. Cleaning will rid the materials of dirt and stains and will revitalise the clothing. Wax jackets have the potential to develop an odour from the wax treatment and our process of cleaning will rid it of any body odours. Once cleaned and using only the best cream protectors and sprays to protect the suede and cotton plus wax materials, it is possible to keep clothing looking like new for years, even a lifetime.

Call us now to arrange collection and delivery for wax and suede cleaning and re-proofing.

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