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Dark Colour Waxed Jacket

Cleaning For Your Wax Jacket

30th September 2016   /    blogs , news , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

As summer gives way to autumn, it’s the time of the year when outdoor enthusiasts retrieve their wax jackets from storage for winter use. Oh what horror! After languishing forgotten in a garage or cellar your jacket has become rather musty and grubby. Surely it’s beyond redemption? It’s a common question Butlerz gets asked. After all, anyone with a beloved wax jacket assumes little can be done to return it to its former glory, a jacket that has served them well for many years. But that is not true!

Why dry-cleaning or washing is not recommended

If you have ever looked on the internet for wax jacket cleaning you will have seen countless forum discussions about not washing or dry cleaning. This is because re-waxing and reproofing is a specialist job since a wax jacket cannot be dry cleaned in the normal way, and washing with detergents will ruin the wax and proofing. There are numerous articles on the internet explaining the DIY approach to re-waxing, promoted by the manufacturers who, with an eye to their balance sheet, no-longer offer a professional clean and re-wax service. However the do-it-yourself step is not for the faint-hearted as it’s a VERY messy, smelly, labour-intensive chore that is best done in the garden on a warm mid-summers day (and only if you have a lot of spare time…)

How we clean & re-wax your jacket

When we receive your wax jacket, it is checked all over before the old layer of wax is removed and is then thoroughly cleaned. Once cleaned, a fresh layer of wax is evenly applied to the garment, taking great care to avoid the collar, zips and other fastenings before it is re-proofed. It is the re-proofing that ensures the wax is watertight.

The first thing you will notice when you receive your wax jacket back is that the colour brightness has been restored to its original condition; it will look as good as new. Your jacket will now be beautifully protected from grime and dirt because the wax traps it and prevents any muck from penetrating into the fabric. The wax also protects the fabric from sunlight.

How often should you get your wax jacket re-cleaned?

As with any garment, it depends on the use that the garment gets. For example, if you wear yours on a daily basis, an annual clean would really prolong its life. Once the layer of wax has hardened, started cracking or is wearing thin, it’s time to give us a call. Don’t forget you can ask us about repairs to any nicks and tears that have appeared – we’re here to help!

For further advice or to book a wax jacket clean and re-proof, contact us now.

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