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Laundered Indian Cashmere

Cleaning your cashmere

26th July 2016   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

How often have you put your favourite cashmere or wool in the wash only to pull it our afterwards a size too small, or looking like a sack?

This is very upsetting after you took so care choosing the wool or cashmere in the shop, selecting the one that makes you look your best, a nice comfortable size that doesn’t show the mature persons figure. When your wool or cashmere is new, it has a lovely soft texture and the size fits you perfectly, until that first wash!

You confidently put the wool or cashmere on a gentle wool wash cycle at 30C, and disaster strikes when you pull out a different garment afterwards. It’s either small enough now to fit your teenage children, or big and baggy like a maternity dress.

Why does this happen? Water is the harshest treatment, and no matter how good the detergent your woollen garments will suffer. Also nowadays, many wool jumpers are a mix of wool and polyester, cotton or nylon, particularly the cheaper ranges.

Dry cleaning will protect your favourite wool or cashmeres, as they are not immersed in water when dry cleaned. Dry cleaning will help retain the size shape and colour for longer. They will not get twisted and mis-shapen, or become rough to the touch, the colour will also remain. Regular dry cleaning will also protect your wools from moth holes, which will be the subject of my next blog.

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