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Christmas Wine Spill

Christmas Spills

11th December 2015   /    blogs , dry cleaning , laundry , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

What should you do when food or wine goes flying only to land on your dry clean only clothes?

If you can’t fit the dry cleaners in for a few days your clothes should be ok. However the longer a stain is left the more it will set as it oxidizes. When you cut an apple open, the white of the apple turns brown as the sugar reacts to the oxygen, known as oxidizing. The same happens if sugar liquid (clear soda, juice, or white wine) spills on your clothes. It dries clear, only to turn brown after a couple months. Once this happens it will be very difficult to remove, if not impossible. Oil stains such body oil and grease can also oxidize and they are even more difficult to remove than oxidized sugar stains.

Specific Tips:

  • Do not to put water on or near the stain on dry clean clothes. Removing a water stain can be worse than doing nothing.
  • Blot excess soiling off using a dry white napkin -.never rub.
  • Avoid using water. This is especially true with blood and wine.
  • Store your clothes in a cool dark place until you can get them to the dry cleaners; sunlight and heat will hasten the setting time.

So, how soon should your garments be cleaned?

I always recommend that your garments be clean as quickly as possible. However, stains don’t set immediately.

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