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How To Get The Best Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service

1st July 2015   /    blogs , specialist cleaning   /    no comments

After many months of planning and anticipation, your big day has finally come and gone.  Here are Butlerz top tips to ensure your wedding dress doesn’t turn into post-wedding stress!

1) Get Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaned As Soon As Possible

The first thing to organise is your wedding dress dry cleaning. For many brides, it’s probably one of the most important outfits you’ll ever wear and you’ll want to treasure and preserve your wedding dress for years to come.  Make sure you choose a professional wedding dress dry cleaner who has experience of treating delicate materials such as silk and lace. 

The sooner you can get your wedding dress cleaned, the greater the chances are that the dress can be returned to you as good as new. The longer the stain is left to bond with the fabric, the harder it is to remove it completely. So, if you’re zooming straight off on honeymoon, why not ask a friend or relation to arrange the cleaning for you?

If you opt for a dry cleaning collection and delivery service, you don’t need to worry about struggling to the dry cleaners with your dress: Butlerz offer free collections and delivery in many locations across Hampshire and Surrey.

2) Protect Your Dress From Creasing

At Butlerz, we painstakingly press and finish your dress by hand before hanging it so that it stays beautifully in shape and crease-free. Wedding dresses are typically longer-length garments and can often be quite bulky due to the sheer volume of fabric. But because we deliver straight to your door, there’s less chance of your dress getting crumpled or wet on the way back from the dry cleaners!

3) Don’t forget the Groom’s Outfit!

If you’ve splashed out on a new suit, make sure you keep it in tip-top condition by having it dry cleaned soon after the wedding. This will help preserve the life of your suit and give you the chance to get repeated use from it – something not many brides can say!  Even better, if you wore a morning suit, why not make the most of July’s special offer and get it dry cleaned along with the bride’s wedding dress for combined special offer of just £140?

If you have further queries about our wedding dress services, why not contact us for helpful, friendly advice? 


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