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The Best Fabrics to Wear in Warm Weather

16th June 2015   /    blogs , laundry , news   /    no comments

No-one likes to feel hot and sweaty on a warm summer’s day but did you know that some fabrics will help keep you cooler than others?

Cotton and linen are good choices

As a general rule, the best materials to wear when the temperature begins to rise are natural, breathable fibres, such as cotton and linen. These fabrics are found in a host of summer wardrobe staples and will certainly help your skin feel cooler and fresher on a hot day.

Choose wicking fabrics for sport and exercise

If you enjoy exercising and being outdoors, it’s worth considering fabrics with ‘wicking’ properties that help draw moisture and sweat away from your body. A cotton T-shirt, once damp with sweat, won’t dry as quickly as one made from specialist dry technology.

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Switch to lighter colours

Pale colours are better for reflecting heat rather than absorbing it. Be warned, however: pale colours will show up perspiration more easily than darker fabrics, so if you’re going to be in a crowded or stressful situation, you might be better sticking with darker shades!

Loose clothing allows air to circulate

As the temperature rises, the blood vessels in our bodies widen and this means we can feel swollen and uncomfortable. Loose clothing will not only allow air to circulate better but it can also accommodate any swelling.

Avoid synthetic materials

Whilst synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon certainly have their place, they don’t make great choices for hot weather. Both are water repellant so you could end up with sweaty, chafing material against your skin. Nylon is best kept for swimsuits, where it performs wonderfully as a water resistant, low absorbing material.

Lady Using Washing MachineLaunder clothes regularly

Warmer weather inevitably means we change our clothes more frequently,

partly due to the increase in temperature and our propensity to sweat, but also because we tend to opt for lighter colours that show up dirt and marks more easily. In addition, sweat can leave unsightly stains if left unwashed. If you can’t face the extra laundry or slaving over a hot iron, just give us a call and we can organise a quick, easy and free* collection service!

*see website for terms and conditions of our free collection service.

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